I am a full time Nature Photographer who has a passion for Bird and Wildlife photography, and I am based in the United Kingdom and South Africa.
 I try to use as much of my spare time to go out and explore, visit new places and capture images of nature. Hopefully I can give you an insight into what inspires me, as we live in such a diverse and beautiful world. I have been fortunate to travel to many parts of the world and hopefully my images will allow you to be a part of my journey.
 I have 25 years of experience in digital printing and I can offer you any of the images in the portfolio printed on 100% cotton canvas or a variety of art and photographic papers.
All prints are created using the latest print technology to ensure an impactful and lasting image.
I hope you enjoyed viewing the portfolio.
To find out more about buying a print or connect with me please use the form below.
Photography allows us to capture today's experiences and make them tomorrow's memories !
Thank you!
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